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Dobeckmun Company (Cigar Pouches)


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Nicely engraved antique specimen stock certificate from the Dobeckmun Company dating back to the 1950's. This document, which contains the printed signatures of the company President and Secretary, was printed by the American Bank Note Company and measures approximately 12" (w) by 8" (h).


The certificate features a trio of allegorical figures.


The images presented are representative of the piece(s) you will receive. When representative images are presented for one of our offerings, you will receive a certificate in similar condition as the one pictured; however dating, denomination, certificate number and issuance details may vary.

    Historical Context

    Dobeckmun (short for Dolan, Becker and Munson -- the co-founders) made cellophane bags and cigar pouches. The company was the first in the USA to have a laminating process for cellophane, and had branch offices around the USA, and a second factory in Berkeley, California.


    Dobeckmun was bought by the Dow Chemical Company in 1957.

    Dobeckmun also developed a product called Lurex, a non-tarnishable metallic thread used in fabric, and zip tape, the cellophane strip used for opening packages of chewing gum and cigarettes.