Dow Chemical

In 1897 the Dow Chemical Company incorporates with Albert E. Convers as president. Three years later, Midland Chemical Company merges into Dow Chemical.

In 1913, Herbert H. Dow announces the company will exit the bleach business and focus shifts to the value of chlorine as a raw material. Dow stock rises dramatically.

In 1921, Tommy Milton wins the Indianapolis 500 auto race using pistons made with Dowmetal magnesium.

In 1937, the Dow Chemical Company stock is listed for the first time on the New York Stock Exchange.

In 1943, Dow Chemical and Corning Glass form Dow Corning to produce silicones for the military.

In 1968, Apollo 8 reenters the Earth's atmosphere protected by a heat shield fabricated from Dow epoxy resins. Ziploc bags are test-marketed.

In 1975, Dow supplies Styrofoam brand insulation for use in the Alaskan pipeline.

In 1980, Merrell Dow formed after merger with ethical pharmaceutical business of Richardson-Merrell.

In 1999, Dow and Union Carbide Corporation agree to a merger of the two companies, combining the two into a larger Dow Chemical.

Dow Chemical

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