Weems Steamboat Company of Baltimore City


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Nicely engraved antique stock certificate from the Weems Steamboat Company of Baltimore City dating back to the 1890's. This document measures approximately 10 3/4" (w) by 8 3/4" (h).

This certificate features a beautiful vignette of a paddlewheeler.


The images presented are representative of the piece(s) you will receive. When representative images are presented for one of our offerings, you will receive a certificate in similar condition as the one pictured; however dating, denomination, certificate number and issuance details may vary.

    Historical Context

    The first recognized practical use of steam power in America for water transportation was Robert Fulton's Clermont on the Hudson River in 1807. By 1813, the first steamboats appeared on the Chesapeake. The Weems Steamboat Company of Baltimore City was founded in 1819, and subsequently organized in 1827, by George Weems. Weems, the founder, was soon sending boats several times a week between the Patuxent River and the Port of Baltimore making several stops along the way to well-known ports such as Annapolis. From George Weems' first steamboat, Surprise, to the majestic side-wheelers Wenonah and St. Mary's, the Weems steamboats plied the waters until 1905 when the company's interests were sold to Maryland, Delaware and Virginia Railroad Company, a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

    Weems died in 1853, but before the company was sold, his three sons ran the company – Theodore, Mason and George, Jr. Stock in the company was first issued in 1892, but only 25 certificates were ever issued, mostly to family.

    Some of the company’s other steamboats included the Arundel, Middlesex, Calvert, Northumberland, Lancaster, Richmond, Essex, Mason L. Weems and the Theodore Weems.