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Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad


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Intricately engraved antique stock certificate from the Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad dating back to the 1950's. This document, which has been signed by the company President and Secretary, was printed by the Columbian Bank Note Company, and measures approximately 11 3/4" (w) by 8" (h).

This certificate's unique vignette features one of the company's electric locomotives.


You will receive the exact certificate pictured.

Historical Context

The Waterloo Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad (WCF&N) was an interurban electric freight and passenger railway operating in the state of Iowa. It had a main line extending from Waterloo to Cedar Rapids; 59 miles and from Waterloo north to Waverly; 22 miles. It also provided belt line freight service at Waterloo.

It was started as the Waterloo & Cedar Falls Rapid Transit in 1895 by Louis Cass and completed as the WCF&N in 1914. It was constructed to steam railroad standards, and its operators tried to provide equivalent service in every way, including steel parlor observation cars on their passenger interurbans. The WCF&N offered interurban passenger services until well into the 1950's which was very unusual for an electric interurban line. It also was a strong link line for major railroads freight service and was purchased by the Rock Island and Illinois Central in 1958 and its name was changed to Waterloo Railroad.

The Rock sold its portion to the IC in 1968 and from then until 1985 the IC abandoned portions of the old WCF&N. The short line Chicago Central & Pacific took over remaining trackage in 1986.

Some important dates in the history of the Waterloo Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad include:

1895 - The Waterloo & Cedar Falls Rapid Transit Railway established by Iowa railroad man Louis S. Cass who purchased the Waterloo Street Railway.

1896-7 - W&CFRT extended the system in Waterloo, converted the horse-car line into an electric line.

1897 - Cass builds the line from Waterloo to Cedar Falls, 8 miles.
1898 - Further extensions are made in Waterloo.

1899 - Cass purchases the Cedar Fall & Normal Gasoline Road, which was operated with a Patton motor cars.

1900 - CF&NGR converted into an electric railway.

1901 - Cass built the W&CFRT line to Denver, Iowa, 14 miles.

1902-3 - Line extended from Denver to Denver Junction to connect with the Omaha division of the Chicago Great Western.

1904 - In April 1904, the railroad is reprganized as the Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railway Company.

1909 - Cass, working for the Chicago Great Western, severed his connection with the CGW and since then devoted his entire time to the Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railway.

1910 - WCF&N extended its electrified line from Denver Junction to Waverly and discontinued the CGW trackage rights agreement.

1910 - WCF&N begins construction south toward Cedar Rapids.

1912 - WCF&N built from Waterloo to La Porte City.

1913 - Line extended to Urbana.

1914 - Line completed to Cedar Rapids.

1954 - Waverly passenger service discontinued.

1956-58 - All passenger service discontinued.

1956-58 - The Waterloo Railroad was created by the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad and the Illinois Central Railroad to buy the WCF&N.

1968 - The CRI&P sold its share to the IC.

1968-1986 -- IC abandons much trackage including portions of old WCF&N.

1985 - The Chicago, Central & Pacific Railroad is created and absorbed remaining trackage of the old WCF&N.