Tobin Craft, Inc.


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Nicely engraved antique stock certificate from Tobin Craft, Inc. dating back to the 1960's. This document, which carries the printed signatures of the company President and Secretary, was printed by the De La Rue Banknote Company and measures approximately 12" (w) by 8" (h).


The certificate's vignette features one of the company's pleasure boats.

You will receive the exact certificate pictured.
    Historical Context

    Tobin Craft, Inc. was organized in Delaware in 1959 and engaged primarily in the manufacturing of boats. One of the company's manufacturing location was in Ossining, NY, near the infamous Sing Sing prison.

    The company ceased operations in 1961, but remained a dormant company shell until 1966 when it was reorganized as the Dyna Ray Corporation. Management at that time wanted to shift the company’s focus from a conglomerate (that wanted to simply acquire or merge existing businesses) to oil and exploration.

    The company never did establish any physical assets, was in and out of trouble with the SEC, and eventually folded.