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Savings Check Company of America


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Beautifully engraved antique stock certificate from the Savings Check Company of America dating back to the 1910's. This document, which is signed by the company President and Treasurer, was printed by the Republic Bank Note Company, and measures approximately 11 1/2" (w) by 8 1/4" (h).


This certificate's vignette features an old bank book.

You will receive the exact certificate pictured.

    Historical Context

    The Savings Check Company of America was incorporated in Delaware in 1915. The company was located in the Farmers Bank Building in Pittsburgh.

    It appears that the company was sort of a bank / credit card hybrid. The company received a stipulated amount from any banks using the system for each new account opened by the use of Savings Checks, and also received an amount from the retail merchants based on the daily sales of each store interested in the system.

    The system was rolled out in Pittsburgh, but never gained enough traction to become profitable.