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Revere Racing Association, Inc.


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Beautifully engraved antique stock certificate from the Revere Racing Association, Inc. dating back to the 1960's. This document, which carries the printed signature of the company President and Treasurer was printed by the American Bank Note Company, and measures approximately 12" (w) by 8 1/4" (h).


The certificate's vignette features an allegorical male figure (Mercury) holding a winged wheel.

You will receive the exact certificate pictured.


Historical Context

The Revere Racing Association, Inc. operated a dog racing track in Revere Beach, Massachusetts. The track opened in 1935 on the land of Wonderland Park - the town's seaside amusement park which operated from 1905 to 1911.

The centerpiece of Wonderland Park was a beautiful lagoon and part of an elaborate and exciting ride. The ride was called Shoot The Chute; it was one of the most unique in all the world. Passengers would be lifted in their gondolas to the top of a steep grade. Once at the top, the gondola would be dropped down the water slide and back down into the huge lagoon. Like Disney’s theme parks, parades occurred daily. There were international cultural exhibits, demonstrations, educational displays and also scientific exhibits such as the infant incubators at the park’s full service hospital.

The race track closed down in 2010 - a casualty of the state's 2008 ban on dog racing and competition from the Foxwoods Casino in nearby Connecticut (which opened in 1992.)

"When I look back and see it was only 1990 when we set a world record for annual pari-mutuel handles and we were having million dollar nights and everything was going unbelievably," said CEO Dick Dalton at the time of the track's closing. "Then Foxwoods opened and everything changed for us. That’s really when we started our fall. You can even graph it out and see it. It’s very clear."