Nash - Kelvinator Corporation


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Beautifully engraved antique stock certificate from the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation dating back to the 1950's. This document, which carries the printed signatures of the company President and Treasurer, was printed by the American Bank Note Company and measures approximately 11" (w) by 7" (h).


The vignette on this piece shows a female allegorical figure with a refrigeration coil. Behind her is a house, laboratory equipment and an industrial scene.

You will receive the exact certificate pictured.


Historical Context

In 1919, Charles W. Nash leaves the presidency of Billy Durant's General Motors with the intention of taking over Packard. That deal falls through and Nash buys the Jeffery Company, which becomes Nash Motors. By 1928, he was making 138,169 cars each year.

In 1945, Nash gets a jump on the other companies for postwar production, selling 6,148 cars. This makes the company, fleetingly, the #3 U.S. auto maker.

Nash Motors then merged with the Kelvinator Corporation (famous maker of home appliances) on January 4, 1937 and subsequently introduced the first modern compact, called the Rambler, in 1950. Nash-Kelvinator then merged with the Hudson Motor Car Company on May 1, 1954 to form the American Motors Corporation.

The Nash and Hudson nameplates are put to rest for the 1958 model year (Hudsons had been merely dressed-up Nash's since the 1955 model year and were known by some as "Hashes.")

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