Frontier Airlines, Inc.


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Beautifully engraved antique specimen stock certificate from Frontier Airlines, Inc. dating back to the 1970's. This document, which carries the printed signatures of the company President and Secretary, was a printed by the Security-Columbian Bank Note Company, and measures approximately 12" (w) by 8" (h).


The certificate's vignette features one of the company's planes.


You will receive the exact certificate pictured.

Historical Context

Frontier Airlines, Inc. which was incorporated in Nevada on March 20, 1950 as result of a merger of Monarch Airlines, Inc., the Challenger Airlines Company and Arizona Airways.


In April 1958 Lewis Bergman "Bud" Maytag, Jr. (grandson of Frederick Louis Maytag I, founder of the Maytag Corporation), acquired controlling interest in Frontier. After all governmental approvals, he took control in January 1959 as chairman of the board and president. Three years later, Maytag sold his stock in March 1962 to the Goldfield Corp.


On October 1, 1967 Frontier purchased Central Airlines, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.


The final Frontier logo, a stylized "F", was created by Saul Bass and introduced April 30, 1978.


People Express Airlines acquired Frontier on October 5, 1985. People Express continued operating Frontier as an independent entity. On August 24, 1986, Frontier shut down due to continued losses and four days later filed for bankruptcy.

On October 24, 1986 Continental Airlines, a Texas Air Corp. unit, acquired People Express Airlines. People Express and Frontier were merged into Continental on February 1, 1987, along with New York Air and several commuter airline subsidiaries including Britt Airways and Provincetown-Boston Airlines (PBA).


A new airline was founded in 1994 using the Frontier Airlines name.