Erie & Wyoming Valley Rail Road Company


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Intricately engraved antique stock certificate from the Erie & Wyoming Valley Rail Road Company dating back to the 1800's. This document was printed by Francis & Loutrel and measures approximately 10" (w) by 7" (h).


The vignette on this piece shows a train at a busy station.

The images presented are representative of the piece(s) you will receive. When representative images are presented for one of our offerings, you will receive a certificate in similar condition as the one pictured; however dating, denomination, certificate number and issuance details may vary.


Historical Context

The Erie & Wyoming Valley Rail Road was a coal gathering line that was originally controlled by the Pennsylvania Coal Company (51%) and the Erie Railroad (49%).

The line was designed to replance the PCC's gravity railroad between Dunmore and Hawley, with a steam line, which would bring coal straight from the mines without unloading at Hawley.

In 1901, the Erie took complete control of both companies, with the rail line operating as Erie's Wyoming Division.