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Cream of Rice Co.


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Beautifully engraved antique stock certificate from the Cream of Rice Co. dating back to the 1910's. This document, which is signed by the company President and Secretary, was printed by Goes, and measures approximately 11" (w) by 8 1/2" (h).


This certificate features a nice vignette of a female allegorical figure holding a cornucopia and hovering over a broad valley farming scene.


You will receive the exact certificate pictured.

    Historical Context

    The Cream of Rice Co. was organized in Chicago, Illinois in 1915 by Frank O. Batch.


    Cream of Rice was a cereal food, competing with the proprietary breakfast foods, but also recommended for use in numerous recipes where ordinary head rice was commonly employed. It consisted of fifty parts of granulated brown rice to one part of dried milk powder. Its advantages over polished head rice were that it contained the nutritious mineral and fat constituents of the bran, it could be cooked in ten minutes, versusthe prolonged operations necessary to prepare whole rice, and the flavor was greatly improved by the addition of the milk powder. Moreover, in strong contrast to the average prepared cereal food, it was actually cheaper than bulk rice. In the process of polishing rice, a great number of the grains were broken, the proportion running from 25 to 60 per cent. These broken pieces were fully as good for food as the whole grains, but they could not be sold as polished head rice, and commanded only about half the price of the latter. The broken rice, granulated to uniform size, for convenience in cooking, was the basis of Cream of Rice.


    Unfortunately, the company was not successful financially. In 1921 the American Rice Products Company was incorporated and took over the holdings, process and good will of the Cream of Rice failure.