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Beautifully engraved antique stock certificate from the Choralcelo Company dating back to the 1910's. This rare document is signed by the company President and Treasurer, was printed by the British-American Bank Note Company, and measures approximately 11 3/4" (w) by 8" (h).


This certificate features a fantastic vignette of a female allegorical playing a harp. She is flanked by a pair of cherubs - one of which symbolizes Fame.

You will receive the exact certificate pictured.

    Historical Context

    The choralcelo was one of the earliest electronic (more properly, electromechanical) instruments, developed during the last decade of the 19th century by Melvin Severy and George B. Sinclair of Arlington, Massachusetts.

    Commercial production was begun in Boston in 1909 by the Choralcelo Company, under the direction of C. D. Farrington and A. Hoffman, who continued improving it.

    The sound was generated by a sophisticated system of tone-wheels that excited various wood and metal resonating bodies electrically, and it was entirely unamplified. A more successful and manageable instrument than its contemporary, the Telharmonium, approximately 100 Choralcelos were produced and sold before the company failed in 1920.

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