West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company

The West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company was founded by Scottish immigrants in 1888 with a mill in Piedmont, West Virginia; the corporation changed its name to Westvaco in 1969.

Westvaco produced packaging for beverages, express packaging, food, healthcare and personal care items, tobacco and other industrial and consumer products.

In 2001, Westvaco merged with the Mead Corporation to become the MeadWestvaco Corporation. The merger resulted in a company with a net worth of about $10 billion.

The company produced the following product lines:

  • At-A-Glance
  • Cambridge
  • Intelli-Gear
  • Smart Book
  • Columbian Envelopes

At one point, the company was the largest manufacturer of DVD packaging in the world.


West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company

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