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    The United States Lines Company came into existence in 1921 owing to the inability of the United States Mail SS Company to fulfill it's obligations to the United States Shipping Board.

    Originally the line was run under the joint management of Moore & McCormack, Roosevelt SS Company and United American Lines. In 1922 and 1923 the managing partners resigned and the company was operated by the U.S. Shipping Board. However, the company continued to run at a financial loss and in 1929 the fleet was sold to P. W. Chapman & Company. Chapman failed to meet payments and in 1931 the company was taken over by a combination of the Roosevelt SS Company, R. Stanley Dollar and Kenneth D. Dawson. The International Mercantile Marine Company (the Titanic’s parent company) gained control of the company in 1934. The rise in popularity in passenger air travel in the 1960's caused a decline in trade and passenger operations were discontinued in 1969. the company’s routes included:
    • New York - Cobh - Plymouth - Cherbourg – London
    • New York - Bremen – Danzig
    • New York - Cherbourg – Southampton
    • New York - Cobh - Liverpool - Manchester
    • New York - Pauillac (Bordeaux) - Le Verdon.
    • New York - Naples – Genoa

    The company’s funnel was red, with a white band below a blue top.
    Some of the line’s ships included:

    • The George Washington
    • The Hudson
    • The Lone Star State
    • The Potomac
    • The John Ericcson
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