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Brockton Mowing-Machine Cutter-Bar Company


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Intricately engraved antique stock certificate from the Brockton Mowing-Machine Cutter-Bar Company dating back to the 1910's. This document, which is signed by the company President and Treasurer, was printed by the Hoffman Seal, Stamp & Eng. Co. and measures approximately 10 1/4" (w) by 8 1/4" (h).


This piece features a pair of vignettes - the "Reapers" at the left and a female figure with harvested grains at the right.


You will receive the exact certificate pictured.

    Historical Context

    The Brockton Mowing-Machine Cutter-Bar Company was formed in Massachusetts in 1909 and was based in Brockton. the company was formed to manufacture mower cutting bars based on the patents submitted and secured by John H. Poems and Alfred D. Abbenzeller, of Brockton and Randolph, respectively.

    Their invention related to a reciprocating cutter bar for a mowing machine, the cutter bar being provided with a series of knives which cooperated with fixed fingers carried by a finger bar on which the cutter bar reciprocated.

    The invention had for its object to provide an improved construction of a cutter bar and its knives whereby the knives could be simultaneously locked to the cutter bar and simultaneously released, so that any knife could be removed to be sharpened or replaced by another with the minimum expenditure of time and labor.

    A further object of this invention was to provide a construction which would require a minimum amount of milling or breaching of the cutter bar and the knives to accurately shape them for close fitting when assembled.

    It doesn't appear the company ever became a commercially viable entity.