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    Some important dates in the National Cash Register Company’s history:

    1884 - John H. Patterson founded the National Cash Register Company, maker of the first mechanical cash registers.

    1906 - Charles F. Kettering designed the first cash register powered by an electric motor.

    1952 - NCR acquired Computer Research Corporation (CRC), of Hawthorne, California, which produced a line of digital computers with applications in aviation.

    1953 - NCR established the Electronics Division to continue to pursue electronic applications for business machines.

    1974 - Company changed its name to NCR Corporation.

    1982 - The first NCR Tower supermicrocomputer system was launched, establishing NCR as a pioneer in bringing industry standards and open systems architecture to the computer market.

    1991 - NCR acquired by AT&T. NCR purchased Teradata Corporation, acquiring its advanced and unique commercial parallel processing technology. NCR Teradata becomes the world's most proven and powerful database for data warehousing.

    1994 - NCR name changed to AT&T Global Information Solutions (GIS).

    1995 - AT&T announced spin-off of AT&T GIS by the end of 1996.

    1996 - AT&T GIS changed its name back to NCR Corporation in anticipation of being spun-off to AT&T shareholders by January 1997, as an independent, publicly-traded company.
    2 products
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