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    Some of the highlights of Liggett & Myers illustrious history...

    1822 - J.E. Liggett's grandfather opens snuff shop in Belleville, Illinois

    1869 - First blended cigarettes created, using a mixture of Turkish and Virginia tobaccos

    1873 - Liggett forms partnership with George S. Myers and new company is incorporated as Liggett & Myers Company

    1876 - Liggett & Myers introduces L&M plug chewing tobacco

    1880’s - Liggett & Myers enters cigarette business

    1899 - Liggett & Myers acquired by the American Tobacco Company, controlled by James B. Duke

    1911 - U.S. Court of Appeals issues Dissolution Decree to The American Tobacco Company and Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company is reborn

    1916 - Chesterfield becomes first cigarette to add a moisture-proof, overall cover to the paper and foil pack

    1921 - Cigarettes become most-used form of tobacco

    1952 - Chesterfield becomes first cigarette offered in two sizes: King and Regular

    1968 - The company changes its name to Liggett & Myers, Incorporated

    1970 - Eve brand is launched in regular and menthol

    1976 - The company name changes to Liggett Group Inc. with Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company as a division

    1980 - Liggett Group Inc. acquired by Grand Metropolitan PLC<

    1981 - Liggett introduces generic cigarette concept

    1983 - Liggett Group Inc. name changes to GrandMet USA and tobacco company is officially named Liggett Group Inc.

    1999 - Liggett sells L&M, Lark & Chesterfield brands to Philip Morris
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