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Electro Pneumatic Transit Company


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Intricately engraved antique stock certificate from the Electro Pneumatic Transit Company dating back to the early 1900's. This document, which is signed by the company President and Treasurer, measures approximately 12" (w) by 8" (h). 


This certificate features a unique vignette of the company's pneumatic device.


Very rare piece.

You will receive the exact certificate pictured.
    Historical Context

    The Electro Pneumatic Transit System was incorporated in New Jersey in 1886 and owned the Clay patents which covered a system of underground pneumatic tubes that would be used to primarily deliver the United States mail, but also telegrams and the like.

    The system was tested in New York, and the rights to the patents were loaned to another entity - the Electro Pneumatic Company, a Philadelphia concern - but that company determined that the Clay method was not viable and went on to secure the Batcheller patent for their system.

    Both systems were implemented on a very limited basis, but were never commercially viable.