The Goshen and Deckertown Railway was also known as the Pine Island Branch and ran the relatively modest 12 mile route from the Orange County’s county seat, Goshen, to the rich farming land of Pine Island.

The property of the Goshen and Deckertown was operated by its own organization from the date it was completed about 1869 until January 31, 1872. From February 1, 1872, to May 31, 1878, it was operated by the Erie Railway Company and its receivers. From June 1, 1878, to November 30, 1895, it was operated by The New York, Lake Erie and Western Railroad Company and its receivers, and from December 1, 1895, to December 31, 1917, it was operated by the Erie. The common-carrier property of this company was taken over for operation by the United States Railroad Administration on January 1, 1918, as a part of the system of the Erie.

Goshen is located about 60 miles northwest of New York City, and is the home of the National Hall of Fame of the Horse Trotting industry.

Goshen and Deckertown Railway

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