Nassau Electric Railroad Company (New York)

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Intricately engraved antique bond certificate from the Nassau Electric Railroad Company dating back to the early 1900's. This document, which has been signed by the company President and Secretary, was printed by the American Bank Note Company and measures approximately 13" (w) by 9 1/2" (h). 


This beautiful piece features three vignettes which showcase a trolley, allegoricals, gears, a propeller, a beehive, factories and much more!


You will receive the exact certificate pictured.

    Historical Context

    The Nassau Electric Railroad was chartered 1893, opened 1895, and subsequently acquired the following four companies:

    • Coney Island Fort Hamilton & Brooklyn Railroad (acquired 1898) - chartered 1892.
    • Kings County Electric Railway (acquired 1898) - chartered 1892.
    • Union Railroad Company of Brooklyn (acquired 1898) - chartered 1884.
    • United Railroad (acquired 1899).

    The Nassau Electric also leased (in 1896) the Atlantic Avenue Railroad Company, which was chartered 1872, acquired 1893 by the Brooklyn Traction Company, subsequently acquired 1896 by the Kings County Traction Company. Previously this line had also acquired the Brooklyn Cable Company, chartered 1886.

    In 1896, the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company acquired the Long Island Traction Company and the Nassau Electric Railroad. The Brooklyn Heights Railroad Company was designated to manage the companies, including leased companies. Within the next few years, all street railways were controlled by the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company, except for the Van Brunt St. & Erie Basin Railroad and the Coney Island & Brooklyn Railroad.