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Brooklyn & Queens Transit Corporation

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    The Brooklyn & Queens Transit Corporation (a B.M.T. subsidiary) operated an extensive network of trolley and bus lines in Brooklyn and Queens, with the primary focal points being Flushing and Coney Island. Some of their more famous routes included the Hamilton Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, Ocean Avenue and Sumner Avenue Lines.

    In 1929 the Electric Railway President's Conference Committee was formed under the direction of Dr. Thomas Conway. 28 operating companies and 25 manufacturers participated in the ERPCC. Their goal was to develop a replacement for the 74,000 streetcars then in service in the United States, of which 40,000 were over 20 years old.

    Field work was primarily carried out on the Brooklyn and Queens Transit Corp. using several of their cars as test beds. Truck development initially was done at Detroit Edison’s laboratories and the prototype set was fabricated and assembled there. Criteria for performance and passenger comfort were developed at the University of Michigan and Purdue University.

    The Flushing-Ridgewood Line was the first to replace trolley service with bus service (the infamous bus #1472). The assets of the B&QT was eventually purchased by the City of New York in 1940.
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    Brooklyn and Queens Transit Corporation Stock Certificate
    Brooklyn and Queens Transit Corporation Stock Certificate
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    Brooklyn and Queens Transit Corporation
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